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NS-EMG-C-1 is a digital EMG device. It acquires, stores and review up to 4 channels of EMG data and 2 channels evoked potential (EP) channels. It can perform routine EMG recording, EP, as well as nerve conductive velocity (NCV) diagnostic examination.

Operation Menu :

  • Customizable selection of EMG with common nerve/ muscle colour map.
  • One key switch function for monitoring EMG, SCV, RNS and F-wave.
  • Easy access to waveform data comparison
  • Pull-down list structure for easy operation

Guide for Electrode Placement : Easy-to-understand illustration for electrode placement, stimulation position and standard waveform

Case Management Module :

  • Easily accessible through search by “Accurate Inquiry” or “Fuzzy Inquiry” for patient case record.
  • Ability to replay, review and print reports for past cases

Examination Protocol: EMG :

  • Scanning EMG :
    • Ability to replay and analyse stored, scanned waveforms measured multiple times
    • Automatic saving and extraction of data and result.
  • Motor Unit Potential (MUP) :
    • Automatic scanning of EMG waveform and selection of optimum MUP value
    • Automatic analysis of time limit, square, phase, frequency, etc.
    • Extraction of MUP during collection, display, analysis and replay of EMG signal
  • Examination Protocol :
    • Monaural or binaural stimulation: change of stimulation polarity and alternative stimulation
    • Audio signal output: rare wave, dense wave, alternative wave
    • Monocular or binocular stimulation during interval
    • Improved examination efficiency through rapid extract algorithm, efficient data selection and overlay analysis
    • Waveform is marked automatically
    • Dynamic display of examination results in spectrum format
  • Examination Protocol :
    • NCV examination procedure is simple. Nerve examination plan can be pre-established.
    • One key switch for nerve switch and lateral switch, and the item can be stored automatically after test.
    • Waveform caching function enables saving of multiple waveforms with the same examination point.
    • With waveform comparison function, saved waveforms can be shown on the same screen.
    • Four-channel synchronised signal acquisition is offered.
    • Dual-screen display is featured, one screen displaying F-Wave/H-wave separately, the other screen displaying overlay.
    • Latency value and graphic amplitude, rapid data observation with measurement lines are displayed.


Warranty 2 Years
Function Therapy Treatment

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