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Electroencephalogram System Manufacturer

NS-EEG-D1 is a digital EEG device available in 24/36/48/60 channels. It delivers high quality EEG signals through state-of-the-art hardware and software design, built-in impedance test module and anti-interference data transmission technology. This device can be used for routine EEG, Event-Related Potential (ERP) data acquisition and analysis, as well as professional Sleep monitoring using Polysomnography (PSG) for medical and research institutions. System Key Features High quality signal with optical fiber isolation DC battery power operation eliminates AC power line interference Built-in impedance testing function Built-in impedance testing function Ergonomically designed single shielded cup/clip electrodes with touch-proof connectors (1.5mm) Choice of different configurations - 24/36/48/60 channels unipolar EEG 12 channels bipolar EEG Synchronous acquisition, editing and display of EEG and video signals Synchronised EEG examination and PSG recording enable for more sophisticated clinical applications


Warranty 2 Years
Usage Hospital

Additional Information

Min. Order Quantity 10 Piece(s)
Packaging Details Carefully packaged to avoid damage

Technical Specifications

Dimensions & Weights
size 290 x 245 X 65 mm
Amplifier Weight 2 Kg (approx)
Power Supply
Power DC 19V
Operation Time
Duration Up to 72 hours continuously
Input Impedance ≥1000MΩ
Noise level <0.4μV (rms)
CMRR ≥110dB
Resistance polarization voltage ± 300mV
Frequency characteristics 0.5Hz ~ 10KHz, error of +5% ~ -30%
Impedance Test Includes scalp impedance test function:
Impedance lights on top of EEG amplifier can be set at 5KΩ, 10KΩ, 15KΩ or 20KΩ threshold values to indicate impedance status of each channel (red or yellow light indicates high impedance; green light means impedance is acceptably low)
Channel Configuration 24/36/48/60 channel EEG, where 12 of the EEG channels can be set as bipolar EEG;
Additional channels for multi-parameters: 3 EMG, 1 ECG, 2 EOG, 1 abdominal breathing (RESP), 1 snoring, 1 nose and mouth airflow (Flow), 1 for SpO2
Sampling Frequency 128Hz, 256Hz, 512Hz
Interface Technology USB 2.0 interface, transmission rate 480Mb (/12Mb)/s
Fiber optic modules Work rate ≤84Mb/s
Precision sampling resolution 24bit
Low-pass filter 15Hz, 30Hz, 40Hz, 60Hz, 120Hz, 250Hz, 1KHz, 3KHz
Time constant 0.01s, 0.02s, 0.03s, 0.1s, 0.2s, 0.3s, 1s, 2s, 3s
Amplification 1 – 10,000 times